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Bali Tharpanam-A tribute to ancestors


Bali Tharpanam-A tribute to ancestors

Bali Tharpanam-A tribute to ancestorsThe Bali Tharpanam is performed under the guidance of an elderly person or priest. Darbha (a type of long grass), pavithram (ring made of darbha grass), sesame (Ellu), cooked rice, Flowers, sandal powder, water and banana leaves are the important accompaniments needed for performing bali ritual. One of the noted feature of Karkidaka Vavu bali is that almost all Hindus in Kerala make it a point to perform Karkidakavavu Bali and conduct ancestral worship on this day.
Generally astrologers say frequently that you have pitru dosha, here few astrologers cheats others people for a little or huge money. 1st check a Horoscope Chart for Greh dosha, Rahu and Ketu doing same kind of results and give trouble also. If there is not any weak dosha but things are not going good, than an astrologer has things in hand, ie Pitru dosha and Nazar dosha and Black Magic. All have symptoms. In pitru dosha, the native get disturb during Amavasi or 3 days before Amavasi.
The people who do very bad karmas, not get a right place after death, person facing a critical disease with a full of frustration, Person who give trouble to always others; After death such person does not get a peace, and right place, he survive in where between earth and sky like a ghost; is called Pitru dosha. Native cannot get child in their life or facing financial problems in life and other problems are the extra burden on native along with Grahadosha. As a true astrologer 1st check out the right thing then suggest accordingly.
According to the Hindu custom if a member in the family dies the younger ones in the family have to perform Bali also called Pithru Tharpanam to make the soul get eternal peace. Usually the Bali or Pitru Tarpanam is performed calculating the date and nakshatra on which the family member died. The Bali ritual is offered by men, women and children. You can do Tharpanam right in the comfort of your home. Astrovasthulogam given below the procedure to do Tharpanam is quite easy for all Malaya lees. You can do it in home about 10 minutes


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