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Gopi Geet Complete Lyrics


Gopi Geet Complete Lyrics
Srimad Bhagavat contain Gopi Geet. It is contained in the first half of book ten, chapter 31, verses 1 to 19 of Bhagavat Purana.

In nineteen tender verses, Gopis, narrates his glory at the time of his disappearance during the Rasa Leela. Krishna planned Rasa leela to lift Gopis’ to a higher spiritual state. Lord Krishna was perturbed by the introvert pursuit of Gopis and in order to teach them a lesson, he disappeared into the forest.

Gopis became breathless when they did not find Krishna, Bemused Gopis’ looked all over. Then, with their mind, soul and body in unison with Krishna’s memories, they arrived at the banks of river Yamuna. Immersed in his unfathomable love and earnestly longing for his heavenly vision, Gopis’ started singing the glory of his divine grace and the very tunes became known as Gopi Geet – cries for Krishna.

Jayati te dhikam janmanaa vrajah
shrayata Indira shashva datra hi,
Dayita drishyataam dikshu taavaka-
stvayi dhritaasava-stvaam vichinvatey.

The gopis said: O beloved, Your birth in the land of Vraja has made it exceedingly glorious, and thus Indira, the goddess of fortune, always resides here. It is only for Your sake that we, Your devoted servants, maintain our lives. We have been searching everywhere for You, so please show Yourself to us.

Sharadudaashaye sadhujaat-sat
sarasijodara shrimrisha drisha,
Suratnath te shulk daasika
varad nighnato neha kim vadhah.

O master of our hearts, we are your priceless servants. O beloved, fulfiller of all our desires, Is it not slaughter on your part to strike us with the rays of your divine eyes which are more beautiful than the petals of a beautiful lotus in the clear autumn lake ?

Visha Jalapyayaad vyaal-raakshasaad
varsha maarutaad-vaidyutaanalaat,
Vrishamayaatma jaad-Vishvatobhayaat
rishabha te vayam rakshita muhuh.

O Mighty One! from the destruction through the poisonous water of Yamuna [by the demon Agha in the guise of a Kaliya snake], from deluging rain and raging storms, from lightning and from demons Vrishabh and Vyom, time and again, you have protected us from various types of fears..

Na khalu gopika-nandano bha-
vaan akhil-dehinaam antaraatma drik,
Vikhan saarthito vishwa-guptaye
sakha udeyivaan satvataam kuley.

You are not just the son of Yashoda. but you are inherent witness in all embodied beings. O eternal companion! In response to the prayer of Brahma, the creator of the universe, you have reincarnated among the yadu’s to protect the world.

Virachitaa bhayam vrishni dhurya te
charan miyushaam samsriteir bhayaat,
Kara-saroruham kaant kaamadam
shirasi dhehi nah shri kara-graham.

O the fulfiller of all desires! whoever takes refuge in your lotus feet from the torments of samsara (materialistic world), they become fearless by your protection. O our beloved, the bestower of all boons, do lay your hands on our head.

Vraja-Janaartihan veer yoshitaam
nija-jan smaya-dhvans na-smita,
Bhaj sakhey bhavat-kinkarih sma no
jala-ruhaananam chaaru darshaya.

O Destroyer of the miseries of the inhabitants of Vraja! Your mere smile is enough to shatter false pride of your love ones. O our beloved companion, graciously accept us, your servants. We are fully surrendered at your lotus feet. Show your most beautiful lotus like face to us.

Pranat-dehinaam paap-karshanam
trina charaa nugam shri niketanam,
Phani-phanaarpitam te padaambujam
krinu kucheshu nah krindhi hrichchayam

Your lotus-feet destroy the sins of those who submit to you – the lotus feet that follow the foot steps of grazing cows, and which are coveted by the goddess of Fortune, and which gracefully danced on the hood of Kaliya Snake. O Lord, please put your lotus feet on our chest(heart) to soothe our burning desire and rid us of the sorrows lurking in our hearts.

Madhurayaa gira valgu-vakyayaa
budha-manognaya pushkare kshana,
Vidhikaririmaa vira muhyatir
adhara-sidhuna pyaayaya svanah.

O Lotus-eyed One! Your speech is so sweet. Every single word, every little sound, every single letter is very charming. Even the most wise and learned get engrossed in it and sacrifice everything for it. After tasting the nectar of the sound of your voice, your faithful Gopis are falling in love. Now give us the gift of life with the divine nectar from your lips.

Tava Kathaamritam tapta jeevanam
kavi bhiriditam kalma shaap-ham,
Shrawan-mangalam shrimadaa tatam
bhuvi grinanti te bhurida janaah.

The nectar of Your words and the descriptions of Your activities are the life and soul of those suffering in this material world. These narrations, transmitted by learned sages, eradicate one’s sinful reactions and bestow good fortune upon whoever hears them. By mere listening to them removes all sins and sufferings and bestows the supreme bliss and welfare as well. Certainly, those who spread the message of Godhead are most munificent.

Prahasitam priya prem vikshanam
viharanam cha te dhyaan Mangalam,
rahasi samvido ya hridi sprishah
kuhak no manah kshobh-yanti hi.

Your smiles, Your sweet, loving glances, the intimate pastimes and confidential talks we enjoyed with You—all these are auspicious to meditate upon, and they touch our hearts. But at the same time, O deceiver, they very much agitate our minds.

Chalasi yad-vrajaa-chaarayan pashoon
nalin sunderam nath te padam,
Shil trinaankuraih sidatiti nah
Kali lataam manah kaant gachchati.

O beloved master, your feet are more tender and beautiful than a Lotus. When you take the cows for grazing, our hearts become restless at the very thought of your feet being pricked by the spiked husks of grain and the rough grass and plants. It is indeed painful for us.

Din Parikshaye neel kuntaleir
van-ruhaananam bibhradaa-vritam,
Dhanraja-svalam darshayan muhur
manasi nah smaram vir yachch-si.

At the end of the day, when you return from the forest, we see your beautiful lotus face covered with dark curly locks and covered with dust. Our beloved, when You repeatedly show us Your lotus face, You arouse lusty desires in our minds.

Pranat-Kaamadam padma jaarchitam
dharani mandanam dhyey-maapadi ,
Charan pankajam shantmam cha te
raman nah staney-shvarp-yaadhihan.

Your lotus feet, which are worshiped by Lord Brahma, fulfill the desires of all who bow down to them. They are the jewels of this universe, In times of difficulty, they are appropriate object of meditation, by which all sufferings are removed. O the resident of Kunj ! Please put your pious lotus feet on our chest (heart) to bless and give peace to confer supreme beatitude and peace to us.

Surat-vardhanam shoka naashnam
svarit venuna sushthhu chumbitam,
Etar-raag-vi smaaranam nrinam
vitar veer naste-dharaa-mritam.

O our hero, Fill us with your enchanting music which drop like ambrosia from the flute kissed by your lips and the pitch, which heightens our spiritual ecstasy, dispel our sorrows and make us oblivious to every other allurement. Your sweet music is divinely intoxicating.

Atatee yadh bhavan hanhi kaananam
trutir-yugaayate tvaam-pashyataam,
Kutil-kuntalam shri-mukham cha te
Jada udikshtaam pakshm krid drishaam.

O our beloved, during the day, when you go off to the forest, every moment (without seeing you) passes like a yug (age). When you return in the evening and we eagerly look upon your most beautiful face framed with curly locks, our pleasure is hindered by our eyelids. At that time, we feel that the creator of eyelids made it without reason.

ati vilanghya te-antya chyutaagataah,
Gati vidastavod geet mohitah
kitav yoshitah kastya jennishi.

Dear Achyuta, You know very well why we have come here. We have disobeyed and disowned our own relatives, husband, son, brother and our family just to have a glimpse of You. Who, but a cheater like You, would abandon young women like us, who come to see You in the middle of the night, captured by the melodious music of Your flute?

Rahasi samvidam hrichch-yodayam,
prahisitaa nanam prem vikshanam,
Briha durah shriyo vikshya dhaam te
muhurati spriha muhyate manah.

Our minds are repeatedly bewildered as we think of the intimate conversations we had with You in secret, feel the rise of lust in our hearts and remember Your smiling face, Your loving glances and Your broad chest, the resting place of the goddess of fortune. Thus we experience the most severe hankering for You.

Vraj vanaukasaam vyaktiranga te,
vrijin hantryalam vishwa mangalam,
Tyaj manaak cha na-stva-sprihaat manaam
svajan-hren-dru-jaam yanni shoodanam.

O beloved, Your all-auspicious manifestation is for the removal of sorrows of residents of Vraja and for the well being of the entire universe. Our heart and mind long for your heavenly association. Please bless us with some remedy that will put an end to the pain in our heart.

Yatte sujaat-charnaam-buruham staneshu
bhitah shaney priya dadhi mahi karkshesu,
tenaat-we matsi tad vyathate na kinsvit
koorpardi-bhir-bhramati dhirbh vadaa yushaam nah.

O dearly beloved! As your feet are more tender than a lotus, we use utmost caution while putting them on our chest(heart). With same tender feet you wander in the deep forest bare feet. The mere thought of you treading with those tender feet on the thorny, stony paths in the forest give us pain and we loose our wits. O Lord, our existence is only for you. We are only living for you. We are only yours!!


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