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Kizhur Shiva Temple


Kizhur Shiva Temple is one of the most ancient and legendary Hindu temples of Northern Kerala (Malabar), with a recodical age of hundreds of years.

The Legend of Sree Kizhur Maha Shiva Temple
The “Karanavar” (Head) of the matriarchal family at Kizhur was a regular and ardent devotee of Lord Shiva at the “Muchukunnu Kota” Temple.Once on a rainy day,the “Karanavar” coud not visit this temple due to the weather and his old age. As a miracle “The Holy Shiva Chaithanyam” was incarnated on a pillar of his house in the form of “Agni” (Holy Fire). This pillar was later repalced with “Daru Shilpam“,Daru is the sanskrit for “Wood” and “Shilpam” means Idol. This “Daru Shilpam” is the deity of the temple then in the “Sree Kovil“, Sree Kovil is the “Sanctum Sanctorum” of the temple.


Lord Shiva is the main Prathistha worshipped in this temple.
Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Shiva Chaithanyam and Vaathil Kaapavar.

Lordess Bhagavathy is worshipped here with daily poojas.

Lord Ayyapan is an upadevan worshipped here with daily poojas.

Lord Ganesha is an upadevan worshipped here with daily poojas.

Lord Adithyan is an upadevan worshipped here with daily poojas.


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