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Thiruvairanikkulam Mahadeva Temple


Thiruvairanikkulam Mahadeva Temple vellarappally 5 kilometers from kalady aluva route. Elite at marampally, 9 kilometers on Aluva perumpavoor route and by crossing the periyar by Boat is another easiest route. Sivan facing east and Sree Parvathy facing west. Peculiarity is that the sree kovil of parvathy open only for 12 days in a year from Dhanu Thiruvathira. on these days thousands of devotees gather there. The main deity Sree Mahadevan on the festival Ezhunnallathu procesion only in night time.

Thiruvairanikkulam Temple is one of the ancient temples of Kerala situated in Alwaye taluk of Emakulam district. The main deities of this temple are Lord Siva facing east and Sri Parvati facing west in the same Sreekovil. There are also shrines for Maha Ganapathy, Sathidevi, Bhadrakali, Dharma Sastha and Mahavishnu adding to the Divinity of this Sacred temple. The month of Dhanu that is Dec-Jan the temple is filled with devotees because only for 12 days in this month (once in year) the temple (Nada) doors of Sri Parvati will be opened for worship.

Devotees believe that a visit to the temple during this time and the holy Darshan will grant them all their wishes. They also believe that unmarried girls and boys will be blessed and will get good marriage proposals. Devi’s Darshan will give long marriage life to devotees and blessed with children. People from different parts of the country especially women visit the temple during this time. Thiruvairanikulam temple is also known as the Sabarimala of women. Every year the opening of the Divine ‘Nada’ takes place during the ‘Thiruvathira day’ in the month of ‘Dhanu’, which is supposed to be the Divine day (star) of Lord Siva.

Thiruvairanikulam Mahadeva Temple,
Vellarapilly South P.O.
Sreemoolanagaram (Via),
Pin – 683 580.
Ph: 0484-2600182, 2601182,



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